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Car Interior Cleaning

Car is one of the most valuable properties that you own. Thus it is only but natural that you’ll want to keep it clean and clear and looking like brand new all the time. While cleaning your car exterior is quite easy and simple, cleaning the interior part is a little more complicated. But cleaning the interior of your car is all the more important for hygiene issues, especially if you have kids travelling by the car.

Car Interior Cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning

While some car owners prefer to take their car into car wash and let them do all the interior and exterior cleaning, but it is can prove to be super costly more often than not.  Thus an inexpensive way can be to clean the car on your own. While it may take a little guidance to do it at the first, you can be assured that your car is totally clean and pollution free.You need some tools and accessories to clean your car interior effectively. We have a small list for you here:

•    different sizes of brush,

•    brooms,

•    dust pans,

•     flannel,

•    drying cloths,

•    rags,

•    vacuum cleaner,

•    dryer,

•    bucket,

•    car wash mop.

To start with you need to take out the car vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dirt out of the floor mats and seat covers. Remove all trash and big items inside your car such as wrappers, cold drink bottles etc before vacuuming.  The next step is to empty your ashtray, remove floor mats and seat covers. Now with the help of soft brush attached to the vacuum swipe the floor and the seats up to the dashboard and doors. Just be extra careful while vacuuming the leather seats because it is very easy to get scratched and damaged.

Now get some gentle cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Spray seats up to the door and dashboard upholstery with the cleaning solution and rub it evenly with a soft cloth. Once done, dry it up with the use of a soft dry cloth. It is best to use a cotton cloth for this purpose. While you can use the specialised car cleaning detergents, laundry detergent can also be used alternatively.  To use your normal laundry detergent, mix it up with warm water. Do not soak the seat with too much water, as it cause stains and will cause a bad smell.

The seat covers may require a different washing treatment depending on their materials. In this cases just follow the instructions. If you are using carpets in your car, make sure to dry them up with dryers properly after washing.

To clean the dashboard wet cloth is the best option. Just rub the wet cloth gently to remove stains and other sticky marks. Dry it with clean and soft cotton cloth or towels.  To make it more effective, spray a little plastic polish and spread it slightly with dry cotton cloth. This plastic polish goes a long way to make your dashboard shiny.

It is also very important to get rid of any foul smell coming from air conditioner. Most of the time dirt, debris and dry leaves clogs the tube and thus causes the smell. Drain the tube properly. Clean the cowl cover and use antibacterial spray to prevent unpleasant scent.

It is also important to change oil regularly. Otherwise it may cause unpleasant smells in the interiors of the car. Use some good air freshener to lend a sweet fragrance in your car.

Now, just to sum it up, there are some points to keep in mind while you are cleaning the interior of your car:

•    You should keep all your doors and windows open while cleaning the interiors.

•    Often the trash under your seats stays back. Make sure to remove those.

•    Remove big articles first, so that you vacuuming become easier.

•    To clean the floor mats, just take them out and clean them outside.

•    Vacuum the floor and seats properly.

•    Always dry the mats properly before keeping them back.

•    After everything is ready, make sure to put everything back in their original place.

Now, that you know how to clean your car interior, you can do it like a pro at your home only.Recent PostsCategoriesTagsCar MaintenanceHow To Clean Your Car Interior© 2016 Car Interior Cleaning. All Right Reserved.