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Steam Carpet Cleaners

In my search for the right steam carpet cleaner, there were several steps I took to ensure that I selected the right steam carpet cleaner for my needs and hopefully through my experiences, it will help you!

Steam Carpet Cleaners

Steam Carpet Cleaners

Step 1: Figure out the problem

There are tons of reasons why you need to steam clean your carpet.   Do you own a pet and need to clean select spots? Do you need to clean high traffic areas?   Is there a spill that you need to clean?  Do you have stairs or upholstery that need cleaning? By answering these questions I was able to select the right cleaner for me.   I have multiple problem areas.   I have pets and need to clean high traffic areas.

Step 2:  Review what is out there

There are several sites that have several cleaners located in one place.   Many of the sites that review steam carpet cleaners or house a selection can help you see what your options may be.  For example, do you want an upright steam carpet cleaner?  Do you need just a spot type cleaner?  Do you want something lightweight, easy to maneuver, or something that is more “heavy duty”?     Once you select what you think you need, it is important to review the product specifications to ensure that you select what you really want.

Step 3: Review Specifications

The next step for me was to review the specs of different products.   It was important that I had a high amp cleaner and a different clean and dirty water reservoir.  The length of the cord was also important to me as well because I have stairs that I need to go up and don’t want to stop mid-way to move the cord.

It is also important to understand what the steam carpet cleaners “promise”.   Some say it prevents mold.  Some say that they “dry faster”.   Those features may be important to you.   It is also important to review what type of warranty each cleaner has.  For the most part, they are one year limited warranties, but it is important to note the length and what it covers.

Attachments are also important.  Some cleaners will clean upholstery with the hoses or machine as it stands.  However, some require special attachments to clean stairs, bare floors or upholstery.  Some steam carpet cleaners come with everything you need. Some, you will need to purchase these attachments separately in order to clean what you need.   Once you have decided the areas you want to clean, you will want to make sure that the machines you are looking at have all the attachments that you will need.

Finally, I found it important to see what type of solution (soap) the cleaner uses.   Make a note if the cleaner will only use one type of solution.  If this is the case, you may want to investigate where you can find this solution and purchase in bulk just in case they decide to discontinue it.  I have found that it is best to find a multi-purpose solution that will work in many steam carpet cleaners.  Those are usually easy to find.

Step 4: Read Reviews

Once I picked my top three choices, I decided I would review what others were saying.  I found this to be helpful because many people were cleaning the same type of problem areas I was.   Some mentioned that once the dirty water was in the tank, it was too heavy to lift.   Some mentioned that the tanks didn’t hold enough water so that there were several trips that needed to be made to get clean water.

Read through both the good and bad reviews.   Reserve judgment and just read what they are saying.  If someone received their steam carpet cleaner with broken parts, it may just be a shipment problem, not a cleaner problem.  Although, if they have poor customer service when that person called for a replacement part that may be something you take into consideration.

Step 5:  Make Your Choice

Once you make your choice, purchase from a reputable source.   I usually purchase items online.   Returns are very simple and because I have used my credit card, if there is any problem, I have a source of protection.  Make sure you review the warranty information and see if there is an additional warranty available for purchase.   That may be something that you want to select.

Be sure that if your steam carpet cleaner doesn’t come with solution, you purchase that as well (or if it comes with a sample, it may not be enough to clean large areas if need be).

Step 6:  CLEAN!

Be sure to read the instructions and then begin cleaning.   A good fan to help dry high traffic areas is always a good idea!

Happy Cleaning!