The Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner

Stanley Steemer is a company based in San Diego, carlifonia. Stanley Steemer company offers carpet cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning. The company also deals with water damage restoration and trades a line of cleaning products for home and office use.

The Stanley Steemer establishment opportunity does accompany a high price then again, and different drawbacks you will need to consider; renting just expenses all the more out-of-pocket at last, establishment charges of 7%, convey an advance of 100+ thousand dollars today, and the way that it is a truck mount that is expensive to alter. They operate on 24 hour bases and offer guarantee to customer satisfaction.

Below are main methods that are utilized by Stanely Steemer company as they carry on their duties of carpet cleaning to their clients. It is of importance to go through them in order to be aware of what to expect when you hire them to do work for you.

Steam cleaning
This procedure or method is also referred to as hot water extraction and it’s the most known and probably utilized method to date. In this method, a solution is first applied to the carpet which is being cleaned to dissolve it and suspend soil. The solution rinsed after a while from the carpet using hot water. They may use a portable carpet cleaner unit which they come with to your home or a mounted unit which they leave on their van. The mounted units are considered to be better because they offer better vacuum and heat and the technician who is assigned will bring a solution and vacuum hose into your home.

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer

An advantage of this method is it has great deal of flushing action and works well with heavily soiled carpets. The main disadvantage is that it has the longest drying time among all the other method it is usually between 8 and 24 hours. Stanley Steemer are well known users of this method.

Bonnet cleaning
Bonnet cleaning is another method Stanley Steemer utilizes and its next popular. In this method, the carpet cleaner applies a carpet cleaning solution to your carpet first. The solution added absorbs the soil particles, then it is soaked into cotton or some synthetic bonnets placed on a spinning floor machine.

The main advantage of this method is short drying times, usually less than two hours after cleaning. However, it doesn not work well on heavily soiled carpets as well as steam cleaning can. It is a popular method that is also utilized by other known carpet cleaners also.

Foam and Shampoo cleaning
While using this method, Stanley steemer coupons uses a foam shampoo which is applied to the carpet to be cleaned. The cleaner uses a machine to evenly spread the shampoo on the carpet absorbing dirt and soil. It is allowed to dry and the shampoo which already dried is vacuumed from the carpet along the soil it has removed from the carpet. This method has a merit of quick drying times, usually less than three hours. One of the most cited disadvantage of this method it can leave a residue leading to carpet re-soiling problems. The most is quite famous and is utilized even by other carpet cleaners as well.

Powder cleaning
While utilizing this method, a semi powder is added to the carpet. The cleaning technician then uses a machine to brush and vacuum the powder into the carpet. The powder is given time to absorb soil, then it is allowed to dry and is vacuumed.

This method has an advantage in that its drying time is short, usually around an hour or even less. The main disadvantage associated with this method is that the cleaner may not be able to remove the powder completely. It is a very popular cleaning method utilized by Stanley Steemer anyway.

Finally, before you call Stanley Steemer to do cleaning for you, you need to evaluate which material your carpet is made from as this will help in choosing the right method to use while cleaning the carpet. Make sure to inquire about the estimate of cost to incur as well. This will save you from carrying hidden charges finally after work is done.